San Jose Landslide Repair
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Client: San Jose, CA

Services: Landslide Repair


ESR was hired to repair a landslide that occurred in San Jose.  The repair involved drilling 33 shoring piers 4 feet in diameter by 50 feet deep, excavation of approximately 1,500 cubic yards of soil, installation of drainage and rebuilding the slope within the slide area.  The slope was then seeded, as well as straw wattles and biodegradable mat installed to protect the slope repair while the new vegetation grows in.   

Job Duration: 5 months

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The holes are drilled for the shoring piers
Steel I-beams are placed in each hole
Beams are guided into place
Pier holes are filled with concrete
Excavation of the slope
After excavation, the shoring piers are visible
Rebuilding the slope
Straw wattles and drainage have been added
Seeding and biodegradable mat have been installed