Tunnel Excavation
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Client: San Francisco, CA

Services: Excavation of Tunnel for Plumbing Repairs


ESR was approached to excavate an underground tunnel to allow a condominium complex to make plumbing repairs.  The job involved creating access through the underground garage slab floor at 12 locations.  The tunnels were excavated by hand.  In addition, we installed ventilation, lighting and a dewatering system.  The sides were shored to allow the tunnels to remain in place for future maintenance.  Once the plumbing repairs were complete, the access holes were sealed with concrete.  

Job Duration: 4 Months (including time for plumbing repair)

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Cutting through the slab floor in the underground
The excavation begins
Hand excavation of the underground pipes
Tunnel created around the pipes
The walls are shored
The shoring process complete
Preparing to fill the access holes with concrete
Hand finishing the concrete
The access holes are sealed