Emergency Landslide Remediation
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Client: El Sobrante, CA

Services: Emergency Landslide Remediation


This residential location experienced a landslide on the hill behind the home during the heavy winter rains of 2017.  We were contacted as the slide was moving toward the house.  An engineer was on site within an hour and knew the homeowners were in danger of losing their house.  A crew was immediately mobilized to the site the same day and began to clean up the slide debris.  When they arrived back on site the next morning, the debris had flowed down to the back of the house filling in the area cleared the day before.  To stop the slide and save the house, we had to get in front of the moving debris flow enough to drill pier holes, install the steel I-beams, backfill with concrete and construct a retaining wall.  In the end, the wall was constructed and the house was saved.  The final repair of the hill is pending. 

Job Duration:  5 Weeks

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Terraced backyard sliding toward the house
Day 1: Clearing debris from the slide
Day 2: Debris has flowed up to the house again
Day 2: Hill continues to slide toward the house
Excavators and loaders remove the dirt
We hauled away 249 truck loads of dirt
Hill cut back enough to start the retaining wall
Pier holes being drilled
Steel I-beams installed and backfilled
Wall is complete and the house has been saved